Successful Internet sales

GEEKS LAB company deals with internet projects' development and their promotion. We analyze the market, create and develop websites, launch advertising campaigns, and optimize them for better performance.


We quickly run business in Internet and successfully develop it

We provide complex services for each project – from market analysis and website designing to advertising campaign launching and optimization. It is the only approach to achieve the best results.


We can and love creating and developing new projects in Internet. Our work is absolutely transparent for our partners and clients. Our collaboration starts from deep business analysis, development strategy creation, and work results forecasting. We take up only those projects, which we are confident of.


  • Market analysis
  • Сompetitive environment analysis
  • Users research
  • Business strategy development
  • KPI system development
  • Possible revenue forecast and risks assessment


  • Responsive design
  • Corporate style creation
  • Project's prototype development
  • Users' services
  • CRM-systems
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile applications
  • Landing Pages


  • Media planning
  • Context advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online-PR (SERM)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Trading platforms
  • Creative solutions


  • Web-analytics (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics)
  • Advertising campaigns efficiency analysis
  • Website usability audit
  • UX analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Data collection, ROI estimation, reports creation


Have a look at our working process. It is based on company's and its workers’ experience.


Before launching it's necessary to make a project's business plan: analyze the market and the rivals, prognosticate possible revenue and investments' profitability. We develop a promotion strategy: choose ads facilities, estimate budget, assess risks, make a workplan, and define required resources.


On the basis of data of a target group, we make a list of required modules. Develop the project's information structure. Prepare content required for launching. Create content marketing plan for future use. Design interface, create website's prototype, test, approve work schedule, and assign required resources.


Customize and launch context ads. Make search engine optimization. Promote brand in social networks. Use all the ways for attracting clients: video marketing, direct marketing, offline and media advertising, PR campaigns and many others.


Assess key points – amount of calls, actions in website, sales, ROI. On the basis of this data we optimize ad campaigns. Decrease costs, increase conversion rate. Search for new promotion channels. Redistribute budget. Develop website, make tests, analyze UX.


Provide records for performance and achievement of key points. Create a strategy and a plan for future work.

Generate great ideas

We always invent new ways of attracting and keeping clients. We closely work with video marketing agency, talented copywriters, gifted PR persons, and excellent storytelling specialists! We are always in trend and apply up-to-date methods and technologies!

Business from the scratch

We study demand, perform researches, develop a strategy, make sales forecast, and calculate advertising payout. After the project's launching, we always develop it. We act gradually evaluating each step. Our principal goal is to use ads budget in the most effective way.

Sales push up

We perform website audit, analyze current sources of attracting your clients, find new ones. Develop sales push up strategy. All our actions are closely connected to definite goals, which we set together with our clients. We track key points at each stage of the purchase funnel – it enables us to control the whole sales process.

Business incubator

One of the company's missions is the Internet business worldwide development. We help the newbie businessmen to create and successfully develop their projects. We have special programs, which enable to create business within limited resources.

We make effective channel for attracting clients, increase website conversion rate and always control the whole process

We carry out the initial market analysis, count start budget required, assess risks, and forecast the results. Then we make a report, which is the basis for our collaboration.

Mutual understanding with clients is one of the most important criteria for us to attain success. Our work is transparent and easy-to-understand. We always try to spend as much time as possible to get to know our future clients and partners. Long-term collaboration is not the option but the priority!


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